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"I love your show You are helping so many people in such an important way. R. Randel, Grateful Listener

"I actually cannot believe I am writing this, however, I accidentally woke this morning to the end of your radio show and was absolutely struck by the inspirational words you were saying." B. Bohannan


"Your radio broadcast (on How To Get Through To Your Mate) was so true. I was so impressed with the simplicity with which you gave your relationship advice, and it was right on target. I don't know any couple who couldn't relate to it." L. Spoon    


"I listened to Mr. Lancer for the very first time last night on WSB radio and I was greatly touched. I saw myself in that message. I would like to have a copy." R. Johnson


Bob Lancer's
Enlightening, Empowering, Inspiring Radio Show

Success Secrets For Life, Work, Relationships and Parenting

Airing On WSB Radio from 1993 - 2013   


"I found Bob Lancer’s parenting advice and presentation skills so great that after attending just one of his seminars I offered him his own show!"— Greg Moceri, Award Winning Program Director, WSB Radio.  


"I heard one of your motivational messages on Newstalk 750 AM last night at 12:30am. Your inspirational thoughts really hit home with me. Thank you so much!" L. McKinney



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Click here to listen to an intrview of Bob Lancer sharing the wisdom of how to INEVITABLY succeed NATURALLY. This is a transformative interview blazing with inspirational light!  
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