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regarding your parenting,
relationship or other
life challenge.


Learn how to lose the stress, fear, frustration and other forms of internal suffering in reaction to the challenges you face in your life.  Your tests and trials arrive to raise you to your next higher level of the fulfillment of your limitless potential and the unlimited possibilities of your life.



In my seminars, keynotes and coaching I guide parents, teachers and everyone else in the simple process of recognizing and releasing from self-sabotaging reaction patterns, to access your limitless potential for turning your challenges into your greatest dreams come true.


My background includes being the Parenting Expert of WSB Radio, WXIA TV, The Atlanta Public Schools Cable TV Network, and Radio Disney Atlanta, and I’m the author of the much-heralded book, Parenting With Love, Without Anger Or Stress. I’m available for media interviews and for providing guest blog posts.


Click Here To see the keys to raising yourself, your children, your whole life with love and joy, and without anger and stress in this brief Lancer Answer Video.



"Bob Lancer is a leading edge teacher, coach and author who's breakthrough methods
apply to any area that you feel stuck in." Dr. Wayne Dyer


I welcome you to YOUR leading edge...

Because it's time for you LET yourself to soar!


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I was blessed to learn powerful achievement formulas at a young age. I began employing them in my own life and I've been living my dream ever since.  That dream is to teach these formulas to you, to empower you to live on the leading edge of your own life-changes.  This means directing your life in line with your deepest sense of purpose and fulfillment.


I began working with parents and teachers of children when it came to my attention that the goal mastery programs I had been presenting for years apply perfectly to parenting (as well as to teaching children), particularly when combined with my studies of Montessori child development. SEE VIDEO CLIP HERE.


See my special website for Professional Development For Inspired School Faculty.


"Bob Lancer is the guru of parent temper-control." WXIA TV News    

"You are doing such extremely important work." Valery Jackson, Former First Lady of Atlanta GA.


Contact me to set up your complimentary phone or Skype coaching session  regarding your parenting,  relationship or other  life challenge.  
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